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The Big Idea of this study is that while we are made for Monday, we do not always find Mondays easy. 

We live in a world where people seem to be on a happiness quest. They get in relationships to make themselves happy, buy cars to make them happy and some even take a job to make themselves happy. What if we are shooting for a target that doesn’t exist?  

We’ve all bought, signed up for and dated what we thought would make us happy and found out that happiness is a feeling and we know that feelings lie to us.

This weekend we looked at the story of Joseph from the Old Testament. Joseph was one who had jobs that were terrible. Joseph worked as a slave and worked in a jail, but “(he) succeeded in whatever he did.” (Gen 39:2) Joseph took a job that shouldn’t make him happy and he found purpose in it.

What would it look like for us to look at our jobs not as something to bring us happiness, but to bring us purpose?

Questions for Discussion: 

  1. What is something that you bought that you thought would make you happy but it didn’t?
  2. Have you ever suffered from “can’t wait disease”? What did that look like in your life?
  3. What does it mean to you to be present in the moment that you are living in right now? What practical steps can you take to remind yourself that you shouldn’t always look to what’s next in your life?
  4. In your own words, what is the difference between finding a job with purpose and finding a job that makes you happy?
  5. Troy talked about the 3 different brick layers at the end of the message. If you were to describe what you do, your purpose for your job, what would it be? How can you remind yourself of that when your job might be something that you don’t want to do?

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