If you are new to the Christian faith and want to learn more then check out Alpha! It is a 9 week course where you can come, meet new people, and explore life's big questions in a friendly environment.


If you are new to CLCC and want to get to know the heartbeat, history, vision and values of this church then this group is for you. We understand that it can be tough to get started in a big church. Over these 4 weeks you can build relationships with others who are new, learn about your giftings and discover the best way for YOU to plug in and get connected!

If you are interested in learning more, please email Pastor Sam.


At CLCC, we gather in community groups with our friends and neighbours to live life together and grow in ways we can’t on our own. Life Groups are a place to wrestle with the teachings of the Bible, grow in relationships, and serve our community together. Joining a Life Group is a great first step if you are new to attending CLCC. You’ll meet new people with real lives learning to make life choices based on God’s word. You’ll be amazed how quickly you will feel at home with your new church family.

Our annual Life Group event is coming up on January 28th! If you are looking to join a life group at CLCC, click the button below to register for Group Lift!

To connect with a Life Group in Abbotsford contact Pastor Sam, and in Aldergrove contact Pastor Phil. Contact Pastor Sam to request Life Group Resources.


When it comes to joining CLCC, membership just doesn’t say it all. So instead, we call it Partnership. It’s similar but it’s not identical. We’re looking for people to officially come alongside those who have made CLCC their church home to partner together in order to accomplish the mission and vision that God has for CLCC. Membership holds more to the idea that you belong to something for the sole benefit of what you get out of the deal. While Partnership has its privileges, it is more about owning the mission and banding together with a group of people committed to that same mission. We believe the church is a partnership of Spirit-led disciples who follow Jesus. The church isn’t a country club bound by exclusive membership; it’s a missional community bound together by the gospel.


Here at CLCC there are many different ways to contribute to the mission we believe God has called us to. Volunteering at CLCC is about starting right where you are, finding a good fit with the way you have been uniquely designed by God, and getting your hands dirty.