At Impact MSY our vision is to see all students in grades 6-8 explore and grow in their personal relationship with Christ. We firmly believe that it does not matter what age you are, you can experience and have a personal relationship with God- and we want our youth to know that and, more importantly, own that! We’ve named our youth ministry IMPACT because we want our students’ relationship with Christ to be one that is life altering and transformative, so that the world around them won’t help but notice and be IMPACTED by Christ working through their lives (Acts 4:13).



Every third Sunday, MSY will have their own Sunday School class with curriculum and discussions geared to their age group! All students in Grades 6-8 are welcome! MSY Sunday School will only be available at the 10am and 11:30am services!


A guide to helping MSY students write their TESTIMONY! Our prayer is that all students would learn to write and share what God has done in their lives with their peers and friends! Click on the button below to download a guide on writing your testimony.

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Safety Protocols at Impact MSY

Children are naturally trusting; they readily place their faith in the adults who care for them.

It is our responsibility as a church to protect that trust and to guard that faith.

Christian Life Community Church’s objective is to safeguard the children, youth and vulnerable adults of CLCC from abuse; protect the CLCC staff and volunteer workers from potential allegations of sexual abuse; and limit the extent of legal risk and liability due to any such abuse.

It is our commitment to provide protective care to all children and youth attending any programs sponsored by CLCC.  Therefore, we as staff and volunteers abide by the following guidelines:

  • We screen all those who work with children, youth and vulnerable adults, checking references and requiring Criminal Record Checks.
  • Anyone found to have a criminal record involving children, youth or vulnerable adults will NOT be allowed to work or volunteer with children, youth or vulnerable adults here at CLCC.
  • We train all of our staff (both paid and volunteers) to understand the nature of child abuse, to carry out our policies to prevent abuse, and to follow clearly defined reporting procedures for suspected incidents.
  • All of our children and youth volunteers sign a Ministry Covenant agreeing to comply with the church’s policy and guidelines.
  • We have adopted a “two leader” rule which states that two people need to be present during any children’s activity.
  • We follow the “six month” rule which states that volunteers may work with children only after attending CLCC for a minimum of six months or having a good reference from their previous church.

For more information on all of our safety policies and procedures please contact Pastor Beckie.

CLCC Plan for Protection Course

In order for Christian Life Community Church to qualify for insurance it is required that all volunteers working with children, youth and vulnerable adults complete our FREE- 1 hour training program. Please follow the link below. You will need to create an account in order to access the training videos.




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MSY Team

Beckie Coupé

Middle School Youth Pastor

Ostap Lepak

Associate Middle School Pastor