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Giving financially with tithes and offerings demonstrates a heart of love, faith, and gratitude to God. Financial giving releases the provision of God into people’s lives who need to hear the good news of Jesus, and into the lives of those who have unmet practical needs. HERE are ways you can continue to give your tithes and offerings.


IN PERSON (Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM or during Sunday Services)

  1. Debit 
  2. Cash
  3. Cheque (Made payable to “Christian Life Community Church” or simply “CLCC”)

Our debit machines are located in the church office, as well as in the main floor lobby beside the Bistro Café. Be sure to fill out an offering envelope with your name and address, as well as where you would like your funds designated in order to receive a tax receipt. Include your debit receipt, cash, or cheque inside the envelope and place it in one of the donation boxes located next to the debit machines.


We use as our on-line donation processing system. This allows you to donate whenever you are able without worrying if the church is open or not. It is fast, secure and very easy to navigate. 

CLCC is charged a small fee when donations are made online with a credit or debit card. Please consider checking the box labeled “cover fees” to help keep our expenses low. The entire amount including the fees you opted to cover will be reflected on your year-end tax receipt.




If you wish to have your donations withdrawn directly from your bank account each month, you can fill out the form below. If you have any questions send an email to, or call the office at 604-853-4166 Monday – Thursday 9 AM – 4:30 PM.

Our automatic bank withdrawal system withdraws money twice per month, on the 3rd and the 18th. You can also choose to donate on one or both of those dates. Simply indicate which date(s) you’d like to have the money come out of your bank account and which funds you’d like your donations to go towards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we switching from PayPal to for online donations?

PayPal is primarily a payment solution for business, not donation processing software. is intuitive and easier to navigate, all while enhancing our ability to receive and record your donations, providing a more user-friendly experience all around. No more figuring out where and
how to designate your funds. gives you the visible fund options in drop down format, eliminating the guesswork and providing a quick and secure way to donate.

Do I need to create a account in order to donate to CLCC online?

No you are not required to set up a account in order to donate to CLCC. However, if you are a regular giver, you may find it easier to create an account and log in to give securely, quickly, and easily. You’ll be able to control and manage your account information, the amount of money you donate, set up and manage recurring payments, and find out how much you’ve donated to date through the platform (this does not include donations made using other methods).

How can I give to more than one fund?

With, you can give to more than one fund if you’ve set up a Account. Otherwise, you’ll have to select one fund at a time and make it in several different transactions.

If you choose to donate via debit machine, cash, or cheque, please fill out an offering envelope with your name, address, and indicate which fund(s) you’d like your donations to go to. Be sure to include your form of payment within the envelope. There is no need to make separate debit transactions, or write cheques for each fund. Simply enter the entire amount you wish to donate and then write the amounts beside the fund names on the offering envelope.

Will I receive a receipt for giving online through

You will receive a confirmation email indicating you’ve donated to CLCC (Abbotsford or Aldergrove), which fund(s) you’ve donated to, the full amount donated, including the covered fees if you’ve chosen to do so, and whether or not the transaction was successful. Please note that this email is not an official tax receipt, it is only an indication of what you’ve donated through the platform. The official tax receipts are issued from our accounting system.

Can I schedule recurring payments with

You sure can! You will need to create a account and set up how often you’d like to give, the amount, and which funds you would like to support. You can modify and change the amount, dates, and any account information at your convenience.

Can I pay for registrations through

No. is our donation platform only.

How do I pay for event registrations?

If there is an event that requires payment, you will need to sign up and pay by credit card or debit Visa through the specific event registration link on our website. If you wish to pay in person for the event, you can choose the pay later option and attend our office in person and pay by debit, cash or cheque. Please do not pay for any registrations through our giving page.

How do I let you know I have moved and need to update my address for my tax receipt?

Please send an email to and provide your name and new address. We will do the rest!

When do I get an official tax receipt?

Our official tax receipts will be prepared near the end of January each year for the prior year’s giving and will be available for pickup at our Abbotsford during the week and during services on Sunday mornings. For those who attend CLCC Aldergrove, the tax receipts will be made available during the Sunday services only. 

There is usually only a couple of weeks they are made available for pickup. Those that haven’t been picked up will be mailed out to the last known address on the envelope no later than the 2nd week of February.

I can’t pick up my tax receipt. Can I have a family member or friend pick it up for me?

No. We will not allow anyone else other than the person named on the receipt to pick up their official tax receipt. However, if you are unable to make it to our office before we mail them out, you can call our bookkeeper at 604-853-4166 AND send an email to naming a specific person as authorized to pick up your receipt, we will pull the receipt and hold it at our front counter for them to pick up. That person will need to provide government issued picture ID in order to pick up your receipt.