Partnership Renewal

If you were a partner in 2023, an email for renewal should have been sent to you. If you have not received it, please get in touch with

Why Partnership?

When it comes to joining CLCC, membership just doesn’t say it all. So instead, we call it Partnership. It’s similar but it’s not identical. We’re looking for people to officially come alongside those who have made CLCC their church home to partner together in order to accomplish the mission and vision that God has for CLCC. Membership holds more to the idea that you belong to something for the sole benefit of what you get out of the deal. While Partnership has its privileges, it is more about owning the mission and banding together with a group of people committed to that same mission. We believe the church is a partnership of Spirit-led disciples who follow Jesus. The church isn’t a country club bound by exclusive membership; it’s a missional community bound together by the gospel.

Becoming a Partner:
The first steps to becoming a Partner are to regularly attend CLCC for a period of six months as well as participate in Vantage Point. In this group experience, you will learn more about CLCC including its mission, vision, values, leadership structure, policies and statement of faith.