Leadership is Influence
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The Big Idea of this study is if we really want to influence people, we need to help them see the good attributes that God has given them.

In Love Does, Bob Goff states: “I used to think that words said about us describe us, but now I know they shape who we are.”

Our world is full of people who suffer from self-doubt and insecurity. We’ve all seen how online no matter what your opinion people can be beat up and criticized just for stating their mind.

We see Paul in his letter to Timothy encouraging his protégé in what he saw in him. He took ink and pen and encouraged Timothy in an area of strength in his life. We need to remember our 3 circles of relationship and actively look for way to encourage those people in them.

There are 3 circles of relationships that everyone can have influence over.

Inner circle: There are the people that are closest to you, your family members, your or your best friends.
Your Influence Circle: These are the people that you run into on a regular basis. The people that you work with, your neighbors
Your Life Circle: These are the ones that you have a shallow relationship with: The person who serves you coffee or the people you might walk by in your neighborhood.
We know that if everyone suffers from self-doubt and insecurity, it is part of our duties as Jesus followers to make people’s lives better. We can do that by encouraging them this week.

Questions for Discussion:

Do you see our society more as a place where people are encouraged or a place where they are criticized? How do you think that effects the way they live?
When in your life did someone reach out to you and encourage you when they noticed you needed it? After that encouragement, how did that fuel you?
If you have encouraged others in the past, how was it received and how did you react?
Troy said, “Many people don’t feel good enough about themselves to let you feel good enough about yourself.” Do you find that to be true? Why or why not?
How are you going to reach out to someone in one of the three circles and encourage them this week?